A Scream Mask is great for Halloween

A scary Scream mask is a great accessory to wear for a Halloween party.

We have an impressive range of Scream masks and costumes for adults and kids from leading UK fancy dress stores.

We bring you dozens of spooky masks from leading UK stores including Escapade Fancy Dress, Ebay, Amazon, Jokers Masquerade and Party Box. Inspired by Edvard Munch's painting and popularized by movies and movie spoofs, the Scream Mask (or Ghostface) is a popular Halloween item, and some innovation has now made it gorier than ever! 

Do you want to look amazingly scary this Halloween? 
Then you need to get yourself a bleeding Scream Mask - a cheap one will cost around £5 and is sure to strike terror into anyone who sees you on the night when all the ghosts and ghouls come out - whether you are attending a Halloween fancy dress party or venturing outdoors for a trick or treat session with your other ghoulish friends.

The bleeding mask, like those for sale here, comes with a hand pump that makes blood - which is really just like theatrical red paint - trickle down its surface. If you really want to look the part you could consider buying yourself a full Scream costume. 

This also comes with a mask and costs around £20 - it's certain to scare everyone in sight.

You can complete your fancy dress costume with a shiny metallic dagger for around £10. No one other than you need know that it is made from plastic! If you want more choices in the dagger department, there is the retractable one, and the one that comes with a bloody blade. These usually don't come in metallic finish, but the dull gray rubber blade goes very well with the black Scream costume.
The original style of Scream mask in white with a 'O' face costs around £7 and it comes with a fabric hood as well. The soft plastic material is comfortable to wear on the face and you have the glow in the dark option as well. If you are planning to buy just the mask with the hood, we invite you to check out a few of the great products for sale here - some cost less than £2 but look look very creepy and scary.
There are a couple of variations on the Scream Mask. For example, there's the 'Stoned Again' version that comes with a silly grin, and the 'Wassup!' variation that adds a lolling tongue to the grin, both reminiscent of the 'Scary Movie' series rather than the original painting or the 'Scream' movies. 

The original design also comes in red for extra scary effect, complete with a translucent black hood. The red Scream Mask is made of PVC and is equally comfortable to wear as the plastic one.
However, if you wish to really stand out from the crowd where, doubtless, there will be others wearing some version of this popular Halloween accessory, definitely look for the Scarecrow Scream Mask. The design is from the Scream movie, and the mask looks like it is made from jute - it reminds you of Dr. Jonathon Crane's alter ego from Batman movies and comic books. The ragged edges double as a hood and you need only add a black cape or costume to complete the effect. Priced at around £12, this one is a collectible.
To beat the cold weather should you be out in the streets scaring people, maybe you should get yourself a cheap pair of scream type black gloves at around £2 a pair. Be warned though, the stitching is deliberately shoddy, the fingers quite short and give your hand a webbed appearance, and in men's hands, the gloves could feel a little tight. 

They look quite scary and if you are going to complete your Scream costume with them, you probably couldn't make a better choice, but not if you are looking for just a pair of black gloves you can wear at future events. 

These don't look decent enough for all occasions and are made specifically to scare people!These masks and cosumes are available in various sizes for adults and kids. 

If you are going to a Halloween fancy dress party with a partner, we even have a ghoulish Scream couple combination outfit package. 

A cheap mask will normally be made of plastic but more expensive ones are made of a top quality rubberised latex type of material.
Expressionist artist Munch created four versions of the Scream between 1893 and 1910. 

The group of paintings and pastels was called Der  Schrei der Natur, which translates into English as The Scream of Nature. It has since been described as 'an icon of modern art, a Mona Lisa for our time.'

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This terrifying mask was inspired by a famous painting by artist Edvard Munch and will ensure you look truly scary when out trick or treating or attending a fancy dress party. We also have a huge range of accessories to go with your spine-chilling mask including Scream costumes, knives and daggers. 
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